Saturday, January 29, 2011

A tribute to Paris!

What can be better that starting a blog with the most desirable destination like Paris. I felt in love with the city even a long time before 2008 when for the first time I was there.
And it is needless to say that it was a love from the first sight which will last till death us do part :) It may sound quite trivial, but who cares...if You see the Arc de Triomphe from the window during morning consumption of fresh, crispy croissant knowing wha a history is behind the great walls of it..when You are at the top of Tour Eiffel or Tour Montparnasse thinking of those thousands of love songs and poetry created inspired by it...sitting on the bench in Jardin du Luxembourg with hot coffee when the air is freezing..watching kids running after pigeons and laughing..meeting Frederic Beigbeder himself in front of Cafe de Flore on the Boulevard Saint - Germain..or simply shopping in some vintage shops near Montmartre or Galeries Lafayette...
Paris seems to be a basket full of guilty pleasures like confectioanary macaron and other sweet sins by Laduree, Pierre Herme
We can read thousands depictions of Paris, watch tones of movies and read pieces created by famous Parisiens but the best experience is to go there and explore the great beauty, grace and charm of it...what can be better?!

And I am so happy for my friend Ilze who lives in Paris..coz I know we can share this passion, to have great moments together there, going to best crepperia, cupcake place, even visiting a tomb of Serge Gainsbourg, whos songs have made women crazy all around the world for decades..and it is all because - Paris Je t'aime!

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