Thursday, August 25, 2011

in love with polka dot by Stella Maccartney

Looking to fall fashion trends, I realize that classic values never die, especially things like polka dot and one of the greatest designers Stella Mccartney has played with it. Transparent fabric looks gorgeous and You can easily  notice the shape of body under the dress - and it is a perfect outfit starting from office and even till the cocktail evening. Have to admit that I am putting some piece of gorgeous Stella's masterpieces on my wishlist :)
Natalia Vodianova for Stella Mccartney

Emma Stone for Elle

Emma stone for Elle

Jane Fonda for Bazaar

Kate Winslet

Liv Tyler

Stella Mccartney runway

a wishilst.

Here I am back for a new post. Its a shame, but it was long time to find a time. I promise for myself to be not so lazy making some posts. I kinda made a small wishlist of things and here they come...
Alexander Wang duffle bag

Luis Morais skull braclet in gold and quartz

New Chanel Nr. 19 Poudre edition

Monday, February 28, 2011

Gerai, gerai!

Well, it is been a long time without a post - shame on me! The illness and frustrating situation at work was too huge to distract. And at the same time  - my lovely friend Ilze was having her stay in Riga after being such a long time in Paris, bisous, cherie :*. We did have amazing party with all the closest people Ilze wanted, and macarons, chocolate fondue, Bordeaux, other delicious stuff and of course pics. And now, I am waiting the moment to be in Paris, for enjoying a french spring, to walk on the streets of Marais and breath the smell of green leafage, oohh oui!
But this is still so future, a lot of work is yet to come. Now, being in my hotel room in Kaunas, Iam reminding myself how did pass the last day of february. My goodness, tomorrow is the spring. the streets are still covered with lots of snow which isn't anymore pure and white, it is dusty and grey and totally ruins Yours shoes, boots or whatever You have decided to wear. Arrived late in the afternoon, was surprised a bit. Where is the medieval magic?! Is it lost under the snow and economical crisis? Later I found it, but curtains were closed..will wait the dayligh.
The lady at the reception was very polite, suggested me to use gym and sauna. Hell..why not!? And this is what I did already, just a short time ago. Bottle of my favourite mineral water S.Pellegrino terme keeps my body cells healthy and hydrated at the needed level. 3 oranges and the latest marie claire issue makes a perfect still life. Ohh..spring will come with bright colours - red, orange, salmon, salad green and blue - its the new black I have to say :) and some new beauty tricks - glowy face and pure, matte lips.
The eve could be perfect if .. if I who has always considered myself as a geographical genius, who never gets lost, wouldnt make cyrcles in the city of Kaunas looking for my hotel which apperaed to be very close to Old Town but somebody decided that people don't need lights in the streets! This was awfull. You can barely see the ground and You can't see people around for sure. A bit frightening but to cure myself, after meeting an old friend in new favourite coffee shop after Coffee Inn (a version of Starbucks)..vero coffee. and warming up by peppermint mocha, shopping. The total darkness and then there appears huge spider called Acropolis shopping mall. The size of it is......can't compare. And I wonder where the title comes from. Do the modern Greeks know about acropolis of postmodern mankind - a place to abuse Your credit card :)
I didn't or perhaps should but I still have 3 days. And I have to remember that I am supposted to work as well in here but free evenings I can enjoy with the spider, but please no vegetarian heart can't handle that!
nighty night from Kaunas! The city is beautiful, but please, turn on the light!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Will You be my Valentine C:?

top - vintage
nail polish - Mavala Mauve Cendre + Silver glitter

Baltic shorts, cannoli and chicken mcnuggets.

Saturday eve, snowing..actually pretty intensive and extremely freezing. But we are brave enough and thanks to Santa who convinced me to attend Baltic Shorts in kinogalerija Suns. A festival of short movies made in Baltics. Amusing, fun and makes think a bit.  It was worth it and after party with warm cappuccino, cannoli and even McDonalds afterwards. a junk food before sleep..well..well..well. but anyway, we live only once!


a happy face :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It is macaron time.

Looking outside the window, feels like end of the World is here..the wind blows so strongly that windows can barely stand it. And to lift up emotions at least for a little bit, I pamper myself with macarons and good literature.

Macarons from Kanēļa konditoreja
Blue silk scarf - vintage from Jean Paul Gaultier
Salmon colour knitted dress - Bik Bok
Tights - Wolford
Bangles, earrings - Accessorize
Watch - Swatch
Rubber bangle - from Paris with love :)
Book - F.Beigbeder The Romantic Egoist

Monday, February 7, 2011

Lace rhapsody.

A new week, still quite far till the real spring. Craving for a sunshine, green grass, a smell of flowers and buttons..and this week has brought me a pneumonia :( And during this staying at home, I have a time for some creativity..not only long sleeping and "eating books" and anyway I think in lace and pink colour scheme!
This is my mess on the desk :) with moleskines
A small fragment with a magic beverage
Chanel 4 lip colour set
A bangle - Accessorize
A red strand - special gift
Earrings - a gift from a friend
Lace body - Bik Bok
A top - Promod

Fur mantle - vintage
Belt made from scarf - vintage
Skirt - actually underskirt from wedding gown
Painting - by my friend Juris Efneris

Saturday, February 5, 2011

A harvest.

Purse - both Accessorize
Perfumes - Nina Ricci, Issey Miyake, Lolita Lempicka
Bangles - Accessorize

A heart pendant - Accessorize, golden chain - vintage
Cardigan with a flower - customized by me
Grey pearl earrings - vintage

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The best way to start a day.

You know, what I love about the days, when I don't need to rush, when I can sleep long hours, not thinking about tones of papers on my work desk in the office...I am having breakfast like peppermint chocolate, some fruits and chocolate cookies :) and candles for the mood. And instead of counting multiresistant pathogens and going through some documents, I read The Philosophy of Andy Warhol and try to choose which nail polish would be the best - mauve cendre or marron glace. And doesn't matter that I am having a sick  - list!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My latest beauty discoveries.

Looking on my beauty tools, I realised that there are some new products I use and consider superb! And that is the reason I want to share with them.
1. Vichy Essentielles beauty set, where You can find everything starting with facial cleanser, shower gel, facial cream (both: dry and normal/combinated skin). But my favourite is Body cream - milk for dry skin. First of all it is paraben free, what is important and the scent is very light and the consistence is very soft, it absorbs immediately. Great to use especially in winter time. And it is easy to recognize the products by the pink rose on the wrapping. And have to admit, the price range is also reasonable!

2. L'OCCITANE Pure shea butter Apricot flower. The small box consists of 30 ml great substance which I use for lips, elbows. For me it is important because the winter lasts years has been severe and it is important to keep gentle skin safe from freezing air and high moisture. It also nourishes and protects the skin. There are 3 different scents available but i have choosen apricot, other 95% is pure shea butter. If You keep it in Your palms, it melts and it is easy to apply.

 3. Estee Lauder DayWear Plus Multi protection Anti-Oxidant moisturizer. Well,  I have to say, this product is amazing. It works as a sunscreen, moisturizer and gives the skin glow and lovely tone. You can use it alone, what is great and light enough for summer time or apply as a base during other seasons. Very airy consistence and fresh scent. The result is smooth skin and fresh look. And You can easily order it from e-shop as well.
4.I was never paying attention to Michael Kors perfumes but then decided to try. The choice was perfect - Michael that is the title of Floral Woody Musk scent. The main components are freesia, tuberose, violet, peony, musk, cashmere, vetiver. Its quite warm and reminds me Marc Jacobs for woman produced in 2001 which actually is totally different - in Floral green group. But it is perfect for day and night, summer and winter. Quite universal and unique. More information available on Fragrantica
5. L'OCCITANE Almond Apple Velvet Facial fluid. Wow! I discovered it during the sale in the shop. 30 ml of real liquid velvet. The formula is very light, the result is - visibly reduced signs of aging and fresh glowy look. I like that it is also very natural product, means You can use it on sensitive skin, except allergic of course. Perfect as a base or even as a night treatment for the night. I use it for face and neck. Luminous, moisturizing and simply perfect! Perhaps too light for the winter, but for summer - exactly what needed!

Try, enjoy and find what is the best for You :)

Monday, January 31, 2011

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Great Roman holidays or Veni, Vidi, Vici!

The winter in Riga already lasts a century. At least it seems so. Snow everywhere, snow angels as well, freezing air, red nose, pink cheeks, grey faces in the bus except the red noses..hmm - one word - boredom. The winter joy is gone with the symptoms of flu..yeahhh the H1N1! Again!? . And as I am being kinda ill and spending lot of time in the bed with Beigbeder (not himself ofcourse but with Au secours pardon and other stuff like Vogue and Elle) , decided to remind myself about some warmer place I have been and would like to visit again some day :)
Ciao bella..ragazzi...amore..pasta....come stai....tutto bene etc..These phrases we often hear. Where? Yes, all around the Italy, but our destination was Rome which isn't a simple city but city of love if we read the name of it vice versa ROMA = AMOR :)
I was sure that I gained tones of good knowledge of history in the University and thanks to that I was able to plan how to spend 8 days in city rich of cultural heritage. Romans were smart and martial indeed - built enormous temples and fortresses, created such an Empire and destroyed it themselves. and it all in 500 years! And now we can see the title SPQR all around the trash cans what means The senate and People of Rome. But it was a small indent speaking about our trip...
It was a hot July when the airplane landed in Fiumicino airport, only 2 hours and You are in first centuries of our era. We were 4 brave travelers - and we were totally ready for non diet days, lot of walking and total lounge with probable sunburns on the noses ans shoulders what actually did happen not only with body parts i mentioned.
My suggestion - its actually more beneficial to rent an apartment just like we did. 8 days for 4 persons 800 EUR and i can assure that 80 square metres with 2 bathrooms, huge terrace in just few steps from Vatican - is totally worth that. and if You like to cook - Voila! fresh products just downstairs in the shop - red, juicy tomatoes, crispy grapes, smelly basil, thick asparagus, super green and fresh rockets, different types of cheeses (soft, semi hard and hard ones), eggs, delicious ciabatta with olives, and where can You go in Italy without a prosciutto..the meat which looks so shiny like a red marble in the walls of tombs in Basilica san Pietro. For me as a vegetarian it was interesting so watch how guys were consumpting tones of it during the breakfast, lunch and dinner and believe me - we even had a full luggage of this marvelous delicacy :) besides the olive oil, pesto and many other things.
The Rome is a place where You can still feel that power of great empire, the smell of sweat and blood in Colosseum from thousands of animals and gladiators were killed for pleasure of eyes of Emperor and the public "Panem et circenses". we all know what it means!
Thousands of churches..tiny and huge ones. The eyes can get tired of sparkling baroque facades and interiors but mind - never! Museums...if You don't mind to wait in a long queue for seeing the Sistine Chapell and masterpieces by Caravaggio, Tiziano Vecellio, Raphael Santi, Michelangelo and many, many, many other ones. for art lovers Rome just like Paris is so rich that even a year wouldn't be enough to explore the great beuty of this heritage.
Rome is the place where the baroque has born and each fountain will remind us about that. Fontana di Trevi..ohh..what a place. Do You remember the episode of movie La Dolce Vita? Even being 100 metres form the fountain You can smell the moisture of it in hot summer day, hear whispers of people, jingle of coins being dropped into it and imagine thousands of wishes let in the air....and all it even more amazing in late evening when warm light are surrounding...
and if You are going to Italy, be ready to eat a lot in the greatest meaning of the word - pasta, lasagna, Italian gelato (i can eat tones of it), grilled artichokes (Rome is the best place in the world for this dish), fruits and veggies, seafood, wine (lavish Chianti or fresh fizzy Lambrusco) and coffee - Italian espresso is something You can't compare with other beverages. 8 days of rich carb diet :) lovely! and it is even possible to show Your skin to real, hot sun at Ostia Lido, the beach in 40 min train ride from the city - easy peasy!
fashion..that is one guilty pleasure You can't avoid in Rome - Furla, D&G, Gucci,Versace, Rocco Barocco and other brands like Dior, Chanel etc. and all it almost in one district near Piazza di  Spagna Via dei Condotti, Via Borgognona and Via del Babuino. and window shopping is for free. but anyway i managed to get a new Calvin Klein bag and some other lovely things from Acqua di Parma, i had a birthday, so why not?!
and if You like some antique things, small markets and cozy shops will offer You artistic goods from different centuries and masters..
we even saw Obama on his way to Pope..the sky of Rome was full not of birds on that day, but many helicopters..and of course we found the time for romance as well - Villa Borghese with its wonderful parc where renting a boat You can have a ride in the pond full of cute turtles and friendly ducks, feel the scent of oranges and leafage in the air and have a summer kiss :)
so this is the way i had my great Roman holiday, in hottest month of summer - July. we were sleeping long hours with open window, having our profuse meals with wine (lot of it) on the sunny terrace with a view to greatest Christian temple, being part of history, leaving our footprints where the Roman warriors and deities did..tasted the the rhytm of this culture..where lot of attention is paid to family, cousine, spending time with friends at long dinners, chatting, laughing and enjoying wine, coffe and gelato..oohh Rome - amore mio! A presto, baci!