Monday, February 28, 2011

Gerai, gerai!

Well, it is been a long time without a post - shame on me! The illness and frustrating situation at work was too huge to distract. And at the same time  - my lovely friend Ilze was having her stay in Riga after being such a long time in Paris, bisous, cherie :*. We did have amazing party with all the closest people Ilze wanted, and macarons, chocolate fondue, Bordeaux, other delicious stuff and of course pics. And now, I am waiting the moment to be in Paris, for enjoying a french spring, to walk on the streets of Marais and breath the smell of green leafage, oohh oui!
But this is still so future, a lot of work is yet to come. Now, being in my hotel room in Kaunas, Iam reminding myself how did pass the last day of february. My goodness, tomorrow is the spring. the streets are still covered with lots of snow which isn't anymore pure and white, it is dusty and grey and totally ruins Yours shoes, boots or whatever You have decided to wear. Arrived late in the afternoon, was surprised a bit. Where is the medieval magic?! Is it lost under the snow and economical crisis? Later I found it, but curtains were closed..will wait the dayligh.
The lady at the reception was very polite, suggested me to use gym and sauna. Hell..why not!? And this is what I did already, just a short time ago. Bottle of my favourite mineral water S.Pellegrino terme keeps my body cells healthy and hydrated at the needed level. 3 oranges and the latest marie claire issue makes a perfect still life. Ohh..spring will come with bright colours - red, orange, salmon, salad green and blue - its the new black I have to say :) and some new beauty tricks - glowy face and pure, matte lips.
The eve could be perfect if .. if I who has always considered myself as a geographical genius, who never gets lost, wouldnt make cyrcles in the city of Kaunas looking for my hotel which apperaed to be very close to Old Town but somebody decided that people don't need lights in the streets! This was awfull. You can barely see the ground and You can't see people around for sure. A bit frightening but to cure myself, after meeting an old friend in new favourite coffee shop after Coffee Inn (a version of Starbucks)..vero coffee. and warming up by peppermint mocha, shopping. The total darkness and then there appears huge spider called Acropolis shopping mall. The size of it is......can't compare. And I wonder where the title comes from. Do the modern Greeks know about acropolis of postmodern mankind - a place to abuse Your credit card :)
I didn't or perhaps should but I still have 3 days. And I have to remember that I am supposted to work as well in here but free evenings I can enjoy with the spider, but please no vegetarian heart can't handle that!
nighty night from Kaunas! The city is beautiful, but please, turn on the light!