Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My latest beauty discoveries.

Looking on my beauty tools, I realised that there are some new products I use and consider superb! And that is the reason I want to share with them.
1. Vichy Essentielles beauty set, where You can find everything starting with facial cleanser, shower gel, facial cream (both: dry and normal/combinated skin). But my favourite is Body cream - milk for dry skin. First of all it is paraben free, what is important and the scent is very light and the consistence is very soft, it absorbs immediately. Great to use especially in winter time. And it is easy to recognize the products by the pink rose on the wrapping. And have to admit, the price range is also reasonable!

2. L'OCCITANE Pure shea butter Apricot flower. The small box consists of 30 ml great substance which I use for lips, elbows. For me it is important because the winter lasts years has been severe and it is important to keep gentle skin safe from freezing air and high moisture. It also nourishes and protects the skin. There are 3 different scents available but i have choosen apricot, other 95% is pure shea butter. If You keep it in Your palms, it melts and it is easy to apply.

 3. Estee Lauder DayWear Plus Multi protection Anti-Oxidant moisturizer. Well,  I have to say, this product is amazing. It works as a sunscreen, moisturizer and gives the skin glow and lovely tone. You can use it alone, what is great and light enough for summer time or apply as a base during other seasons. Very airy consistence and fresh scent. The result is smooth skin and fresh look. And You can easily order it from e-shop as well.
4.I was never paying attention to Michael Kors perfumes but then decided to try. The choice was perfect - Michael that is the title of Floral Woody Musk scent. The main components are freesia, tuberose, violet, peony, musk, cashmere, vetiver. Its quite warm and reminds me Marc Jacobs for woman produced in 2001 which actually is totally different - in Floral green group. But it is perfect for day and night, summer and winter. Quite universal and unique. More information available on Fragrantica
5. L'OCCITANE Almond Apple Velvet Facial fluid. Wow! I discovered it during the sale in the shop. 30 ml of real liquid velvet. The formula is very light, the result is - visibly reduced signs of aging and fresh glowy look. I like that it is also very natural product, means You can use it on sensitive skin, except allergic of course. Perfect as a base or even as a night treatment for the night. I use it for face and neck. Luminous, moisturizing and simply perfect! Perhaps too light for the winter, but for summer - exactly what needed!

Try, enjoy and find what is the best for You :)

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