Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Serge Lutens - l'amour à première odeur :)

The magic of perfume is something hard to explain and have to admit that collecting different types of those always has been my passion. Fragrances can remind us some special moments in our life and make us feel like in a dream. I met the world of Serge Lutens a while ago, visiting Paris and felt in love not only with the city of lights but also with the art of perfume world :) I was amazed by how the drop of oily substance wraps You in a soft veil and skin seems to become a velvet. And just like my favorite Jeux de Peau I love each art piece of monsieur Serge Lutens. The world of olfactory is mysterious and magnifique... this is an art, indeed...apotheosis of sweetness, bitterness, musk, mystery, passion, sex, sensuality, seduction, vanilla and other spices, flowers, fruits, music and love which must be a keystone to everything!

My love

Serge Lutens himself

Serge Lutens in  Les Salons du Palais Royal  (a treasury of perfumery)

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